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IsOn24 AI Voice Assistant Starter Plan


billed annually



billed monthly

1,000 Minutes
(~450 calls /mo*)

1,000 Texts

1,000 Online replies


Self serve onboarding

Email support

How-to videos

Premium assistant voices

Multi-level conversations

Automated Appointments Calendar

Single app user

Answer calls with text messages

Automated and manual text messaging

Forward calls from your current number

-or- Port your current number

Toll-free & vanity numbers

Call recording

Online Appointments and Chat

IsOn24 AI Voice Assistant Sprinter Plan Most popular plan


billed annually



billed monthly

3,000 Minutes
(~1500 calls /mo*)

3,000 Texts

3,000 Online replies

Starter +

Guided onboarding

Phone, email & text support

Option to use your own voice for your assistant

Queue Live Calls

Distribute among multiple phones

Answer calls from any browser

Additional app users

External integrations including Zapier

IsOn24 AI Voice Assistant Cruiser Plan


billed annually



billed monthly

7,500 Minutes
(~3500 calls /mo*)

7,500 Texts

7,500 Online replies

Sprinter +

Professional onboarding

Account manager

Custom integrations

IsOn24 AI Voice Assistant enterprise_plan


- Multiple locations?
- Higher call volume?
- Special use cases?

*Estimated average based on aggregated traffic analysis.
You can switch between plans anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The sign up takes less than 5 minutes, and you get 7 days free trial.
After that, you’ll need to choose a plan.

No. You only share a few details about your business, and in less than 5 minutes, your account is ready.
Use it for free for 7 days. After that, you’ll need to choose a plan and provide payment information.

Absolutely. You can request a new toll-free number from us or port in your current toll-free number. Please note the following -

1. Receiving calls on a toll-free number costs 2.5x more than receiving calls on a vanity number. In other words, when you will receive calls on your toll-free number, every inbound call minute will be counted as 2.5 minutes against your usage plan.

2. There will be no change in counting your outbound minutes (used while forwarding the incoming calls to any other phone number).

3. For example, if in a given month, your inbound minutes on your toll-free number are 200 and your outbound minutes are 100, then your total usage will be counted as 600 minutes (200*2.5 + 100).

4. If your usage, as calculated in the above example, were to exceed your subscription plan for the given month, standard overage charges may apply. Please see the next question about overage charge rules.

No. There is no setup fee. Our onboarding services are complimentary.

Absolutely. All of our plans have annual payment options with significant discounts over monthly payments.

Yes. You can change your plan anytime from the IsOn24 app.

Yes, there are! If you have multiple locations, contact sales here.

Suppose you subscribe to a monthly payment plan. In that case, the subscription period is 30 days, and we process the charges at the beginning of each period. For annual plans, we process the charges for the whole year at the beginning.
You can download statements from the IsOn24 app.

You will need a credit card to select a subscription plan initially. After that, you can switch to alternate payment methods, including checking accounts, from the IsOn24 app.
If you prefer not to use a credit card to select a plan, let us know, and we will send you an invoice that you can pay with alternate payment methods.


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