AI Voice Assistant for Accountants

Answers your calls like a live person

Tax preparation, Bookkeeping, Appointment availability, or any other questions about your services - all answered.

Your customers speak their questions, and the IsOn24 answers just like you would.

The IsOn24 also sends text messages with online links and makes appointments over the phone.


Your business Is already On 24

Online inquiries for local services peak in the early mornings and evenings. Help your customers get their answers and schedule appointments anytime.


Build Instant Trust

No one likes to wait. Create a superior impression by instantly answering questions about your services, pricing, and availability.

Focus On Growth

Are you planning to grow your business?
Let IsOn24 answer your calls so you can focus on growth.



Natural speech or Legacy IVR

or both? You decide how your voice assistant listens, with just the push of a button.


Frequently asked questions

What time do you open? Where is your office? How do you charge? All questions answered.


Meetings & Appointments

Over the phone, or online. Anyway that is most convenient for your clients.


Business texting

Where do you find your voicemails? or Text messages, or online chats? All messages collected in one simple interface.


Integrated online apps

Appointments, Online chat, Lead collection, and more. Easily connect your website to IsOn24. Integrate your online and offline communication, finally!.

call queue

Automatic call queue

Expecting many calls at the same time? The IsOn24 automatically queues live calls for you to answer. Like a fully automated call center.

You will also...

AI Voices

Choose from a selection of male and female AI voices

Your own voice

Or record your own voice for your voice assistant

Add text message

Add a text message with online links to your answers

Toll-free number

Get vanity or Toll-free numbers at no extra charge

Which calls to transfer

Choose which calls get transferred? To what number? and when?

Which calls to record

Choose which calls to record for later reference

Answer from anywhere

Answer forwarded calls from any phone, tablet, or laptop

Differentiate calls

Change caller Id to differentiate business calls

Schedule Promotions

Schedule your promotions and special announcements

Conversational dialogs

Quickly build more complex conversational dialogs

Call transcripts

Review call transcripts and interactive daily reports

Web app

Use IsOn24 web app on any phone, tablet, or computer

.. and so much more.

What our customers are saying


The UPS store

  Great concept user friendly, takes a weight off for screening the number calls we get that are not revenue generating.  


Locanda Positano

 Many of our guests prefer to call our Restaurants. IsOn24 allows us to answer every phone call instantly and offer a unique guest experience even before they walk in.  


IsOn24 Voice Assistants at work

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